Why Become A Financial Partner?

Our goal for Bank-On Save-Up St. Louis is to bring thousands of residents in key targeted neighborhoods into the financial mainstream through low cost checking accounts. By becoming a partner, financial institutions can expand their marketing to these target areas and increase visibility of their existing products and develop new strategies to reach unbanked and under-banked customers.

Why Become a Community Partner?

The objective of the BANK-On SAVE-Up St. Louis outreach efforts is to provide meaningful access to financial services and resources that will move families further up the economic ladder. As community partners, you will help share information with your customers, families, clients, employees or congregations.

Access to traditional financial products creates wealth in the community and a path to lower-cost services at mainstream financial institutions. Further, individuals who have positive relationships at mainstream banks and credit unions build life-long financial relationships that empower them to seek access to other services for homeownership, entrepreneurship or retirement savings.

BMO Harris Bank

Busey Bank

Carrollton Bank


Commerce Bank

Enterprise Bank & Trust

FCB Banks

First Bank

First State Bank of St. Charles

Great Southern Bank

Midwest BankCentre

Montgomery Bank

Regions Bank

Reliance Bank

Royal Banks of St. Louis

Simmons First Bank

The Business Bank of St. Louis

"Bank-On Save-Up St. Louis" is an Initiative of the St. Louis Regional Unbanked Task Force

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